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Johana Bhuiyan

Senior tech reporter and editor
The Guardian
Twitter: @JmBooyah
Signal,Whatsapp, Telegram:
415 630-3604

Policing tech

We got a hold of hundreds of emails, texts, and contracts that allowed us to delve deep into the anatomy of a gunshot detection company's campaign to get a new police contract in Portland. The documents show Soundthinking, formerly called Shotspotter, woos police by tapping its vast network of police contacts -- both former and current officers -- to vouch for their service as well as by citing academic papers to back up the company's claims. Some of those papers come from institutions that receive funding from the company and, documents show, the company played a role in crafting at least two of those papers. 


If you're here...

You are probably a source, a potential source, or just curious about my work. In any case, welcome! I made this site because a) I'm thirsty and b) I wanted to make it easier for people who have a tip, might be interested in speaking to me for an article, and/or want to speak anonymously about something sensitive to see examples of my work — especially stories that are either investigative or are about more delicate topics. 

I'm a tech accountability reporter, and I'm particularly focused on how some companies  exacerbate inequality or further marginalize already disenfranchised communities. I used to be a future of transportation reporter and mostly came at it from the same lens.

While my primary function is to tell these stories and keep the powers that be accountable, I can't do it without the courage and bravery of people who are willing to come forward and speak to me. So it's also a huge part of my job to protect those sources. My hope is my previous work and ongoing coverage will show how dedicated I am to ensuring that the identities of these people —potentially you⁠—are protected and to handling both anonymous and on-the-record stories with care and sensitivity. 

This site is a work in progress, but you can always keep up with my most recent stories and be subject to my tweets on Twitter at @JmBooyah



Before you get in touch

Decide if you want to speak on the record, off the record, or on background (anonymously).
Do you have documents that would help corroborate your story or fill in some blanks? Decide how much you'd be willing to share with me and if you mind if those documents were quoted from or published.
I like to record my calls and in-person interviews. Decide if you'd be willing to be recorded. I'd just be using it for my own notes. 
Before you get in touch



I'm a born and raised New Yorker, first in Queens and later on Long Island. After years of resistance, I moved to San Francisco in 2019. I'm a senior tech reporter and editor at The Guardian. I've been working as a journalist since about 2013. I'm half Bangladeshi, half Filipina. In other words, I'm super Asian. The good news is I ~ can ~ speak Bangla pretty fluently, the bad news is it doesn't sound pretty when I do. My Tagalog, on the other hand, basically starts and ends at telling you to come and eat or asking you how much something is. Since I gave up my dream of becoming an archaeologist when I was about 8, reporting is all I've ever wanted to do.  Before The Guardian, I worked at the Los Angeles Times, Recode, BuzzFeed News, and Politico. I went to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania for undergrad. 



Investigative stories
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